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Your body, the dress you have chosen to wear for this surprise party that is life, must be treated with loving care. The energetic processes on the body of Access allow you to open yourself to receive and to rediscover the connection and communion with your body. They were created to facilitate physical balance and cellular memory, dissolve blockages, reactivate the immune system, relieve pain, restore harmony, elasticity and flexibility following surgery, trauma or diet, release toxins, facilitate healing and recovery of sight and hearing, slow down the aging process and all that your body requires.

On children and animals these processes are even more dynamic!

Access Body Process®

  • The 50 Bodyworks work by placing the hands on the body and are uniquely created to release tension, decrease resistance and reduce body diseases by changing energy.

    People who received a Bodywork  reported amazing and extraordinary changes in their body shape and size, as well as general relief from acute and chronic pain.

    Did I mention that their situation with money and relationships has also received ease?

    The 50 Bodyworks are designed to open an intriguing dialogue and create communion with your body.

    This fellowship allows you to enjoy your body instead of fighting and abusing it. When you change the way you relate to your body, you can change the way you relate to anything in your life.

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