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Duration: 1 day / 6/8 hours


After the course, you become an Access Bars® Practitioner and earn an international certificate. After the class you can participate in bar exchanges or offer sessions to your relatives, friends or customers. You can also include Bars in your current business. In fact, the course gives you the opportunity to work as an Access BARS® Operator and / or to add this technique to your work as a wellness / holistic operator.


Are you ready to be here to try this great gift?


Is this the time to expand awareness on the planet?

Access BARS Operator Training Course


    € 300 incl. Manual, certificate, drinks and snacks

    150 € for those who repeat the class * and teenagers 16-18 years

      (Children under 16 are free with a paying adult)

    * you can repeat the Class 3 times and become a Bars® Facilitator.


    And if a BARS Class were the gift you were waiting for to turn the page and start creating your life exactly the way you want it, would you choose it?


    The practice is suitable for any age. Also suitable for children and pregnant women.

    Sliding the Bars has helped a lot of kids have more fun, happiness and ease; less stress and less anxiety both at home and at school, to improve sleep and to have fewer outbursts, greater ease in social, institutional and emotional situations.

    Many families say that various things have started to work in an extraordinary and totally new way.

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