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Inspired by the lower body, the first chakra.

It is the expression of natural forces that move in every being . 

The fire, the earth, the creative magma. Reminiscent of a Neolithic deity statuette.

The creative chaos from which it all begins.




Inspired by the chest and heart area, the fourth chakra.

The place where opposites come together, and joy and the feast of the encounter are generated . 

Sun and moon below Everything blooms, everything continues to give itself and to be received.


The Wings of Liberty 


Inspired by the upper body, neck and head, the fifth, sixth and seventh chakras.

Birds fly have no barriers and see everything from above. Many mythological figures such as angels, goblins and other magical beings have wings and the ability to see beyond.

Two large multicolored wings stand out against the sea of mystery.

And from above an abstract rain of infinite possibilities.


We are on the sun


Inspired by the belly and solar plexus area, the second and third chakras.

“We are on the sun” says the writing, the dominant yellow next to the intense blue that recalls the space seen from the sun. An ear of corn grows and a fantastic, feline animal stands out behind it. The power to be and to shine that everyone is.

Complete installation

  • All four upright painted sheets, hanging from above

    Size: parallelepiped with a width of 240 cm and a height of 170 cm

    Technique: acrylic on pre-printed pvc 

    Aluminum tubes. They stand as banners on the wall.

    Measurements: 170x210 cm

    Year:   2021 Exhibited in the Chakras exhibition at the Sala Cola d'Amatrice in Ascoli Piceno

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