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Super Creativity


Next date 22 November Ravenna 


  • Half day: 3h



Adjustable duration

• Half day: 4 h

It is NOT a workshop for artists, painters, writers, singers ... etc who are warmly invited to participate in order to access phenomenal creative ease.

It is a Class for You, whatever project you have, entrepreneurial, artistic, or life this Class is for you.
The Whole Life is your true ever-changing work of art!

Let the genius in you shine:

  • Discover your hidden skills and access skills you didn't even know you had

  • Access a sense of ease, ease and fun in creating any project

  • A sense of clarity about what you really want to create in the world

  • Stop creating from need and start creating from Dream

  • Unlock your Genie

    The Super Creativity Masterclass is constantly changing, depending on the duration and the participants and their questions.

    The elements that compose it are:

    - Ideazione: but what is an idea? How and where do the ideas come from? Do you have too many ideas and do not actualize even one? Or are you always looking for a right idea that never seems to come? Are you still looking for your life purpose to live?

    - Extrapolation: The true hidden Creative process that underlies everything, which everyone applies without being aware of it.

    -  Beyond the Imagination: The power of the Imagination and its great limits, what is really beyond the imagination? Stop the lies and daydreams.

    - Energy: Everything is energy and what if I started Generating from energy?
    - Unblocking:  Elimination of the Inhibitions, barriers and lies they told us

    about creativity and which we foolishly believed

  • -  Choices and Possibilities:   have you ever had the feeling of living in the Universe of Infinite Possibilities, where everything is really possible?

  • -  Action: Systems and Strategies. STOP schedules and action planning that never worked! How do you put your idea into action? It is much easier and more fun than they tell us

  • -  Questions:  the power of questions, and how to use them

  • -  Connection and Communication: is it time to show yourself to the world?

    And incorporate your ideas?

  • -  Sustainability and the Future: Dream Big! Even bigger and not

    forget the money !!!

  • -  Make YOUR GENIUS Shine:  your Uniqueness, the Difference and the Gift that you are in

    World! Are you ready to shine?


Requirements: be yourself


For more information:

Ivo Cotani 3278393897

First Floor 3515579224


(* Possibility of Private Sessions and / or Groups, start-ups, companies during part of the day not occupied by the Workshop)


After the purchase, an email will be sent in a short time with the various details

Super Creativity

  • As soon as the purchase is completed, Ivo Còtani will contact you directly to choose the date and time together.

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