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Four individual sessions of 50 minutes each for your Total Change.

These sessions are not for everyone, they are a choice of radical change, your life and your world will never be the same afterwards.

Presence, vulnerability and a desire to have something really different are required!

We will go together to look at the areas of life that are not working the way you would like and start creating the life you really want through the tools of Access Consciusness.

With verbal and energetic facilitations.

How the sessions are structured:

1 - Domade and generation of Change

+ pdf of questions to practice

2 - Choice and creation of the Change

+ an energy shot to loop and practice

3 - Possibility and Action of Change

+ strategy and action plan

4 - Donate, receive: the contribution and the institution of Change

You will choose the themes and areas of change! Do you want to treat only one that is particularly close to your heart? Four different?

I will propose you my map of change and together we will chart a course!

If you could have everything in life what would it be like?

Everything can be changed if you are willing to do so. There is nothing that can stop the river of your being.

It is a choice and a need towards yourself to have your reality!

Are you willing to give yourself something totally different?

Your greatest asset is the change you are, which you can choose and facilitate.

Total Change

€ 950,00 Regular Price
€ 475,00Sale Price
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