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Let's pretend that I was.


Motion Graphics

Art Direction


Branding Identity

Gallery spettacoli
Prima che il gallo canti

Before the Rooster Sings

Monologue by Ivo Cotani

Il Giullare Gallone, a wanderer who has come from who knows when and who knows where, is catapulted into modern times.

Lost and lost, he notices around him, in the world, a great betrayal: the sad lack of 'authenticity'!

From this bitter vision begins his awakening song and thus, exploiting the ancient arts of acrobat, jester, cuntist and fool, he gathers the spectators and fights like a champion to bring back to the public the desire for 'sincerity'!

His battle is made up of stories, which lead the viewer into a crossroads of different stories and aesthetics, in a show full of suggestions and magic of the ancient medieval street theater and sacred drama, updated in a modern and experimental key.

Will Messer Gallone be able to win his battle? Will the audience be struck by his naive and truth-bearing narratives? _Cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_


Written and interpreted by Ivo Cotani 

Exoteatral directed by Vania Castelfranchi 

Scenography by Maria Vittoria Soracco

Props and Backdrops by Ivo Cotani

Costumes created by Alice Sinnl 

starting with the clothes of Cunegonda

The Little Costumeria

Graphics by Elisa Lipizzi

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Buratt festival

The Phersu Festival is the festival of masks, puppets and puppet theater, whose
the undisputed protagonist is the Puppet.
Real popular theater or "Tout public" opens its doors not only to the little ones, but
also to all those who like to call themselves "Adults".
A magical space where companies from all over Italy and abroad follow one another in
an alternation of ancient, modern and experimental shows.
Game, satire, joke, adventure are intertwined in this unique meeting of puppets; And
magically Puppets, fabrics, objects come to life to tell us their stories.
Each year it proposes its own format and the Buratto Festival can't wait to travel, like a
time did the companies and land in unknown lands.

If you are artists or companies interested in participating or are looking forward to having this festival in your city, contact us .

il castello di denari

Once upon a time there was as there is every time ... a house of cards where the King of Coins reigns, the most stingy of all misers. All the money he collects does nothing but create many problems for him that he tries to solve with as many gifts. You must excuse him because his obsession with money leads him to never find a moment to rest. To satisfy the whims of the Queen of Spades he ends up imprisoning his daughter, his brother and even his horse. 

From this situation, only the Jolly is saved, because he loves to say yes to all requests, satisfying all those who offer him a new venture and adventure for him, especially the king: he will take the place of the knave, the porter, the pony but Will the jailer be willing to do it?


The storyteller Arabatto has collected this story full of twists. A whisper of a voice will be enough to bring down the house of cards, a single word will be enough to say no when freedom is questioned.

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