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Embodying the mask
Embodying the mask

lun 24 giu



Embodying the mask

An immersive 2.5-hour workshop exploring the transformative power of masks and performance

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Orario & Sede

24 giu 2024, 18:30 – 22:30 CEST

Riyadh, 6993 Saeed Bin Zaid, Al Diriyah Al Jadidah, 2380, Riyadh 13732, Arabia Saudita


Info sull'evento

Embodying the mask: A Workshop with Ivo Cotani 

Monday, June 24, 6:30 PM - 9:00 PM

Venue: Aimes, 6993 Saeed Bin Zaid, Al Diriyah Al Jadidah, 2380, Riyadh 13732


- This workshop is open to everyone, regardless of artistic or performance background. And active participation in the workshop is required 

- By participating in the workshop, you consent to the use of video footage for research and dissemination purposes of Ivo Cotani's artistic work

- Comfortable clothing is recommended for ease of mobility.

6.30 PM - 9.00 PM

An immersive 2.5-hour workshop exploring the transformative power of masks and performance. 

This workshop aims to contribute to the performance art scene in Riyadh by sharing Ivo Cotani's artistic practice. Through various practical exercises, guided explorations, and collaborative interactions. And to cultivate a playful space where is possible to give birth to characters inspired by the land. Ivo Cotani's research focuses on the pleasure of seeing how masks, born from nature and inspired by local animals, can stimulate the body and mind in a game of transformation and self-discovery.

Description of the workshop

Movement and Awareness Exercises: You will explore your body in space through guided exercises, enhancing your body awareness, spatial presence, laying the foundation for expressive movement. 

Theatrical Improvisation: You will engage in simple improvisation games to foster spontaneity, imagination, and the ability to inhabit different characters and perspectives. 

The Mask as a Transformative Tool: You will discover the transformative power of the mask through improvisation and movement techniques, giving life to the provided masks and delving into their inherent narratives. 

Collaborative Performance: You will put your skills to the test in collaborative performance settings, using the masks and the skills acquired during the workshop to create brief scenes and explore interrelationships between characters.

Sound Performance with Rama Saputra


Collaboration with Rama Saputra

Throughout the workshop, Rama Saputra will integrate his sound expertise, creating a sonic environment that complements performative exercises. He will present a work entitled 'Dunecstatic'. Apart from drawing inspiration from his residency in Riyadh, he will also spontaneously stimulate and respond to the ecstatic movements of the workshop participants. By playing ancient instruments and modular synthesizers, Rama will compose music in ambient, tribal-electronic, to deconstructed club styles.

Thank you, and we look forward to seeing you too!

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