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It is allowing abundance to exist and permeate your reality in every area of ​​your life. It's not just about the money as we will discover together along the way, in fact it's never about the money! Would you like to finally change and have ease with your Financial situation, Money, Wealth and Business?


A path created and designed to bring you in a short time to have all the tools to really choose your financial reality and with money.


Will you have a million euros after one month?

Probably not, but I wish you so! Will it totally change your life in a month? Yup, Will you have all the information to start a succesfull business and grow financially?

Yes, you will have all the tools that we will be using together over the span of more than a month and much more material to continue using.

It works if you use it! Being rich and having abundance is a choice.

Will you choose it?


How is it structured?


4 private sessions over a month and MORE


1 - Financial and economic clarity. With a free File execel and App to use (during all the time of the sessions and even AFTER)


2 - Recognize talents, skills, dreams and ideas. And how do you get money from what you love to do? Your projects. Create and expand.


3 - Business - Roles and energies required for creating new streams of money and revenue.


4 - Wealth - money is energy +1 Sop / energy pu (20 minutes) + A personalized clearing loop + 1 file / poster with questions about business and money + a Recall after 2 weeks





Creazione dell'Abbondanza


È permettere all'abbondanza di esistere e permeare la tua realtà in ogni area della tua vita. Non riguarda solo i soldi come scopriremo insieme lungo il percorso, anzi non riguarda mai i soldi!


Vorresti finalmente cambiare e avere facilità con la tua situazione Finanziaria, i Soldi, la Ricchezza e il Business?


Un percorso creato e disegnato per portarti in poco tempo ad avere tutti gli strumenti per scegliere davvero la tua realtà Finanziaria e con i Soldi.

Scegliere facilità e Gioia nella creazione del denaro. Immagina un attimo di non avere più nessuna sensazione di mancanza, bisogno, p