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Play Your Body



A meeting open to all from 12 to 99 years and over.

Everything is in motion in the universe, everything from the most microscopic to the most gigantic expresses itself by moving in its own way!

And what is the movement of your body?


No exercise or game requires athletic prowess or incredible abilities, the only prerequisite is having a body, being curios, and getting involved.


Have you ever thought that your body can be your / your best friend?

Kind of like your personal pet.


What will be done?


1 What is the body?

2 Know us, but really the usual ice-breaking exercises?

3 Listen to the sensations, would you ever have imagined having such a chatty body?

4 You are not your body, what if you leave it alone and start communicating with us?

5 Turn your body on, music and movement, but do you dance?

* break 

6 Stretching, scratching, yawning, sheker and slow motion

7 Breath and natural voice, all teaching you how to breathe and speak, but who teaches trees to take root?

8 Body play, training or movement?

9 Receiving, other bodies and the earth, what if you relax and let yourself be guided into that beautiful body that you have?

10 Your space, your time, what if you went back to playing with your body and imagination?


Exercises and games transformed and reinvented by the most disparate disciplines: actor training, dance, yoga, clowning ...

If you went back to honoring the body and being kinder and listening to it, what would your life be like?

Play Your Body

  • As soon as the purchase is completed, Ivo Còtani will contact you directly to choose the date and time together.

  • 120 minutes

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